• Ticket

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  • Todo

    By this plugin you can create todo list for existing task and works you have to work on, in this you have 2 options
    • In Progress Tasks
    • Finished tasks
  • Just click on add button and select required field and click done.  following type of fields you can choose at the time of creation form.
    • With "Text" filed you can add any kind of text like name, lastname etc.
    • With "Textarea" you can add large area of text like add, note etc.
    • With "Select" tag you add field with option like male, female or any other option required for your form.
    • With "Multiselect" option you can do same thing as select tag, but in this option you can select multiple option at one time.
    • With "Email" option you can add email field for email address
    • With "Date" option works for date fields, like date of birth, issue date etc.
    • Number fields works for number formate like weight, limit, length etc.
  • Event

    Event plugin is most useful and important plugin for event management, in this plugin create many event for one date for different time and location. using this plugin you can manage your meetings, seminars, any other important events. Add events with following options:
    • Title : add event with unique title to identify event with name.
    • Description: Add short description to event for details of event.
    • Start Date: Date when your event will start
    • End Date: Date when event will ended
    • Start time: Time when event will started
    • End Time: Time when event will ended
    • Location: Location of event for better instruction
    • Label: label of event to identify if many events held in one date.